We are looking for people, who like to help us in our field work with the children and young adults. Beside the daily activities like handicraft work, drawing, making puzzles and traditional handcraft, you can help to teach several kids in reading, writing and mathematics. Aditional art like making music, dancing etc. are welcome. During your stay in our program you will have the chance to be with the families in the community and to learn about their traditional life. As well you are enjoying jungle trips and the wildlife around. The whole time you are attended by Christina Weil, who is running the program in the community.

Your stay with us should last two months at least.

Your contribution: We do not charge any volunteering fee, you just have to cover your personal costs for accomodation and food, which is around 15 USD per day.

Preconditions: Being interested in and open minded for foreign cultural life and being willing to work with special need persons. You need good spanish language skills and should be older than 21 years. Our program is open for older people as well, who are interested making new experiences and dealing with new challenges. In any case volunteers have to be in good health, because the tropical climate can be very stressful.

Contact/application: Please send us a short resume including your interests and experiences you already have made, as well how long you plan to stay with us in our program. Mails can be send to: or directly to Christina Weil under: Please do not hesitate asking for further information and details.

We appreciate your interest and looking forward knowing you.