We like to help

Your donation helps us to continue and to guarantee our field work. We use your aid for:

  • Didactic material and supplies for handcraft work
  • Medical help and attendance in case of medical emergencies
  • Maintenance of the work shop and the property (exclusively done by community people)
  • Necessary acquirement like tools and little machines
  • The education of people in the community for lasting formation

Beside this, of course it is possible to donate for earmarked projects:


We are looking for donators to buy three bicycles, each for 120.- USD.


Our kids like to play basketball, we still need a basket, which costs 100.- USD.

Little snacks

We are offering a little snack to our kids, when they are coming to the work shop. You can help us with 20.- USD per month to temper the hunger.

Birthday party

We are celebrating each birthday with a little cake. For this exciting day we need 100.- USD per year.

Excursion day

Each year we are having a little trip with the kids to places outside of the community. The kids are looking forward to this day the whole year. With 45.- USD you can give this special adventure to them.

Donations can be made by bank transfer:

Bank: K├Âlner Bank e.g.
Name of the account: Jatun Yacu e.V.
IBAN: DE36371600870946402001

As well it is possible to donate through Paypal.