„Change is only caused through action,
not through meditation or praying alone.“ Dalai Lama

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of our non-profit association ” Jatun Yacu eV”. When I traveled to Ecuador for the first time seven years ago, I had not planned to live in this small country at the equator. But as life goes, now Ecuador has become my home. My life here has changed me, enriched and influenced my perspective on what is important in life. Four years ago, I traveled for the first time into the rainforest of Ecuador and there in a little village, I met the girls Belgica and Ligia . They are the reason that I started my commitment to disabled children and young indigenous in this part of Ecuador.

Disabled people in Ecuador are still not integrated and although there are now special financial aid programs from the government, there are hardly diversified educational opportunities neither profesionals. Especially children from the villages in the rain forest have no access to these. Thus, they spend most of their lives in the houses without the possibilities for developing and enhancing their skills and abilities.

Belgica, Ligia, Katie, John, Gloria and Delia are here on behalf of all the children and young adults who need support and help.

I thank you all sincerely for your interest in their welfare and my special thank goes to those who already support us in different ways.

Christina Weil